This page contains photographs and detail of preserved locomotives 
and archive material of steam and diesel engines running on the 
North Wales Coast main line from the "Glorious Years" up to the
 present day preservation tours.

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September 1st 2009.
Another great shot from Stéphanie Durrant of "chuffingoodpics"
with today's 'Compass Tours' special from Holyhead to Edinburgh hauled by a class 47 at 7am
this morning. Stéphanie is so dedicated she deserves to get shots like this, with
an unexpected rainbow appearing at the right time. Great shot!


June 25th 2009.

Another shot of the two "Black 5's" 45231 and 45407 with the successful steam tour
"The Welsh Mountaineer" Worcester - Blaenau Ffestiniog - Worcester on Saturday May 2nd 2009.
This shot is by kind permission of  CHUFFINGOODPICS.CO.UK
and shows the return leg after leaving Llandudno Junction near the Industrial Estate.


May 12th 2009.
John Powell has sent in this photo of Royal Scot class 46148 "The Manchester Regiment"
at Chester, on July 26th 1963. This engine was allocated to 6G at this time.

The fireman looking out of the window is Reg Passmore who was a passed fireman at the time.
Thanks to John Kirwood (Ex-6G) for this detail.



May 12th 2009.

The two shots below were taken by E.R.Morten and J.Payne and are published by kind permission of David Hey.

Photo (1) shows Black 5 No. 45382 approaching Llandudno Junction station
on April 19th 1952. (E.R Morten)

Photo (2) shows 2-6-2 T No. 40130 at 6G, (c.1950's) with two unidentified engines
at the coaling stage. (J.Payne - Through their eyes.org.uk)




May 3rd 2009.
John Powell has sent in the following scans of steam with local interest.
All the photo's are taken from S.D.Wainwright's book "Rails to North Wales".

BR, Standard class 5 No. 73165 passing Bangor station on September 5th 1965.

'Black 5' 45247 waits at Bangor station on September 7th 1965.

Stanier 2-6-0 No. 42960 with empty stock, on Aber troughs on September 3rd 1957.

Stanier 4-6-0 Class 5, No. 44739 (with Caprotti valve gear), which was allocated to 6G, on
Prestatyn troughs in September 1959.

Royal Scot class No. 46146 "The Rifle Brigade" passes Prestatyn with the relief "Irish Mail"
on September 5th 1959.

2-10-0 9F No. 92115 leaves Prestatyn station on September 5th 1959 with a
Sheffield - Bangor train.

One of 17 Ivatt rebuilds of Fowler 'Patriot' class 7P, No. 45532 "Illustrious" with larger taper boiler,
new cylinders and double chimney, passes Prestatyn with the "Welshman"
on July 16th 1955.

Royal Scot class No. 46111 "Royal Fusilier" on Prestatyn troughs with
the "Welshman" in September 1959.


April 16th 2009.
John Powell has found the following interesting article covering the 7000th engine
built at Crewe Works.
Another reason for the interest is that the engine, Ivatt 2-6-2T No. 41272 was
allocated to 6G in July 1965.


March 31st 2009.

'Royal Scot' class 6116 "Irish Guardsman" pulls the 'Irish Mail' past Conwy Castle
( c. 1940's) Photo courtesy of John Powell.

Rebuilt 'Royal Scot' class 46128 "The Lovat Scouts" pulls the down 'Welshman'
past Conwy Castle in June 1950 [ PHOTO: W.D.COOPER ]   


February 19th 2009.

As shown below on this page 14/02/2009, Crewe works were testing the class 56 locomotives during 1987
on the North Wales Coast main line, but between 1985 - 1988 they were also testing the class 37's.
John Powell photographed many of these test runs and a selection is shown below.


The doyen D6700 on test near Prestatyn on March 9th 1988.
Immediately on arrival back at Crewe she was renumbered 37350.

37415 with 33057 approaching Colwyn Bay on October 30th 1985.

37429 with 47643 (failed) pass through Abergele on December 4th 1985.

37503 on test, passes under the Llandudno link road on her approach to
Llandudno Junction on February 28th 1986.

37802 with 47468 leaving Colwyn Bay on test with the "Irish Mail"
on October 15th 1986.

37800 waits at Rhyl for a signal on September 9th 1986.

37415 on her second test passes though Deganwy station on November 12th 1985.

A test train passes Prestatyn hauled by 37421 on December 3rd 1985.

37902 and 47446 leave Rhyl on October 22nd 1986.

37883 on test passes Prestatyn on her way back to Crewe on December 5th 1988.


February 14th 2009.

When Crewe Works needed to test the Class 56s in 1987, after
overhaul, they mainly used the midday boat train London - Holyhead, ( From Crewe ),
which ran non-stop
from Chester to Bangor.

On arrival at Holyhead, the test engines normally returned to Crewe light diesel.

On September 9th 1987
56067 failed at Holyhead and Crewe Works sent 37893
to rescue the engine and stock and return them to Crewe it as it was their responsibility.

56024 and 47532 pass Prestatyn on February 20th 1987.


56044 and 47475 near Prestatyn June 5th 1987.

56046 and 47442 pass through Prestatyn February 13th 1987.

56061 and 47530 at Prestatyn on February 11th 1987.

56088 and 47632 approach Prestatyn on on June 26th 1987.

56089 and 47615 speed through Prestatyn on April 15th 1987.

56090 and 47456 pass through Rhyl station on July 31st 1987.

56096 and 47615 at Prestatyn on February 25th 1987.

56107 and 47523 pass through Prestatyn station on the 'slow ' line while 31320 is on ballast laying
duty on December 8th 1987,


January 8th 2009.
Fowler 4-4-0, 3-cyl. compound 41119, a 6G stalwart, at Manchester London Road in 1953,
photographer unknown. [sent in by John Powell]

November 26th 2008.
The interesting photo below shows the scrap line at 6G, possibly late 1950's and the lead engine is
possibly 40058, as it was allocated to 6G at this time. Thanks to John Powell for this detail.
The photograph is from the David Hey collection and is shown here by kind permission of David Hey.

November 21st 2008.
An unidentified "Scot" waits for the 'off ' at Rhyl station in the 60's.

November 13th 2008.

John Powell took several photo's of the Royal Train of July 9th 1985, described below
in Victor Smith's email of 09/11/2008.

The first shot below shows the train waiting at Rhyl station for Princess Diana and Prince Charles
to arrive. After 47532 left 6G, it ran E.C.S. to Rhyl and was put into Platform 1A (bay)
to await the arrival of the Royal couple.

The photo below shows the Royal couple making their way to their carriage.


Photo below shows a closer view of the Royal couple.

The shot below captures the Royal couple waving goodbye on departure.

The final shot below shows the trains departure from Rhyl at 4.00pm on July 9th 1985.


November 12th 2008.

An unidentified North Staffs Railway 4-4-0 working a train
from the Stoke area to Llandudno just after passing Rhyl, circa August  1919.

November 11th 2008.
John Powell has sent in the photo below that he took of the Royal train passing Prestatyn
on July 6th 1985 hauled by 47628 Sir Daniel Gooch in GWR150 celebration livery
that Victor Smith mentions in his email of November 9th 2008 below.

Hi Geoff, I have managed to find my photos of the royal train that Victor took photos of as it left Bangor.
That particular day, the train was slowed down due to it not being signalled, and after hooting, I saw the signalman
dash to his levers.  ( Perhaps he was on the loo ) !!!

Regards John.



November 9th 2008.
An email from Victor Smith of York, who was Area Maintenance Supervisor for Traction and Rolling Stock
for Holyhead & Llandudno Junction between 1984 - 1989 is reproduced below along with his
photographs which illustrate his points.

Hi Geoff,


If any of the following information is of use to you, then I am quite happy for you to use it on your website and share it with your readers.


“ON THE FLOOR” in the Junction Area.


During the years 1984-1989, I was Area Maintenance Supervisor for Holyhead & Llandudno Junction with responsibility for Traction & Rolling Stock maintenance in those areas. One of my duties involved supervision of the Breakdown Recovery Team at Holyhead. Occasionally, I would take my Olympus OM10 with me, to record the events. The photos, although of average quality, may be of interest to your readers, as I am sure some of the Junction staff may have been responsible for these incidents!!


On your previous website was an item  regarding a shunting mishap at Penmaenmawr  by Alan Roberts
with a photograph by Alan Hayward,  which are shown below.

Shunting mishap at Penmaenmawr

Mishaps occur from time to time during shunting and the undated photo shows an example at Penmaenmawr. Apparently the brake van shown in the photo was being propelled from the yard into the refuge siding when the hand points forming half of the double slip in the picture moved under the vehicle!. There are dramatic changes to the area since the photo was taken. The layout was completely remodeled and the new layout commissioned in January 1988 also the new A55 roadway now dominates the background crossing over the line forming a tunnel known as Moel Llys Tunnel. The photo was taken by Alan Hayward who at the time was a guard at Llandudno Junction . Following a brief spell off the railway he returned and took over a relief signaller post in the area. He now works as a Signaler at Poulton near Blackpool.   (Alan Roberts)


I can confirm the incident occurred on the morning of Sunday 2 March 1986. 

The Holyhead Breakdown gang were called out to re-rail the brakevan.

(Photo 1) shows John Elias Williams (left), J Emlyn Hughes (centre), Tony Morris (right), preparing to start the recovery operation.


(Photo 2) shows the Holyhead Rerailing Equipment & Mess Van LTV 351W standing on Penmaenmawr Promenade with J E Williams (John Elias)(driver) & R H Hughes (Dick Bodedern) .

On completion of the rerailing, Tony Morris cooked lunch in the van for the re-railing team. A stop was made at the Victoria Inn, Llanfairfechan for liquid refreshment on the way back to Holyhead.




The Holyhead Rerailing Equipment & Mess Van was eventually replaced with a BRUFF vehicle, which had its own hydraulic power supply. It also enabled better site access, as it could be driven on both road and rail. It is seen here being utilized to re-rail 47357 at Blaenau Ffestiniog. Date unknown  (photos 3&4)




During a shunting movement of seven loaded coal hoppers into Llandudno Goods Terminal, four of the wagons, which were not coupled to the train, ran away and collided with two other wagons. The impact caused the buffer stops to be pushed back about 25 feet through the boundary fence into the road. (photo 5 & 6) Re-railing was completed by Holyhead Breakdown Gang with the assistance of a mobile crane from Messrs Buckley of Glan Conwy. (photo 7).





Photo 11 shows a derailed wagon in the middle of the sulphur train on the Amlwch branch.

(PHOTO 11)


Photo 12. shows derailed loaded Ferry Van in Junction shed yard.
Photo 13. shows the same train with Crewe Breakdown Crane in attendance.

(PHOTO 12)

(PHOTO 13)


(Photo14) shows the result of a head-on collision between a class 25 hauled ballast train and a passenger train at Menai Bridge. The ballast train was returning from the Llanfair side of the bridge to Bangor sidings. It was incorrectly running wrong line when it collided with a Holyhead bound passenger train hauled by a class 45. The impact was severe enough to derail several wagons and the injured passengers were taken to Bangor hospital. Date unknown.


(PHOTO 14)



John Powell’s "Diesel Days" Gallery shows 6G on July 9th 1985.
(Royal train being serviced inside the shed)

I was on standby duty at the shed, (could be me in John’s photo), having had security clearance and managed a shot of the Royal Train reversing out of the shed after servicing. (Photo8)

Info from internet:- His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales honoured the Eisteddfod with their presence at the evening concert on Tuesday, 9th July 1985.

(PHOTO 8)  


Another Royal Train working three days earlier, July 6th 1985, with 47628 Sir Daniel Gooch in GWR150 celebration livery has just run round the stock at Bangor Station and departs for the trip back along the North Wales coast. (photos 9 & 10)


(PHOTO 10) 


An unusual incident occurred with one of the Royal Train workings along the North Wales coast. As it passed
a stone train from Penmaenmawr Quarry, the coaches were hit by flying ballast leaking from the bottom doors
of the loaded ballast train. The resultant damage necessitated the whole train receiving attention to the
paintwork at Wolverton Works .The phone lines were very hot that day!!!






Just in case anyone is trying to remember me, I am the young man in the centre of photo15 taken in the 1980’s with members of the Llangollen Railway, after completing a “private job” rerailing their steam crane at Llangollen.


(PHOTO 15)


Although over 20 years ago, I still remember Junction staff:-  Bob Barnsdale (C&W) , Trefor Owen (P&M),  B A Roberts( Brian) &  Donny Hill  (Charge hand Fitters).




Good luck with your website,

Victor Smith



November 6th 2008.
Black 5 No 44687 of 6G approaching the Junction on September 7th 1962.
John Powell remembers often seeing this engine and sister engine 44686, also of 6G,
passing through Prestatyn in the mid 60s.
Both of these engines were introduced in 1951 and were fitted with Caprotti valve gear
and Skefko roller bearings.

October 12th 2008.
Another three shots sent in by John Powell are shown below.

The Stanier Moguls – so rare compared to their bigger 4-6-0 brothers – were seen on the North Wales
main line from time to time, either on freights or helping out with specials during the holiday seasons.
Above No. 42964 was photographed by Bangor No. 2 box at the ‘up’ end of the station
on September 9th 1963.

Black five No. 45199 waits at Chester with a Manchester - Llandudno train in June 1957.

A rare visitor from 66A Polmadie (Glasgow), Coronation class No. 46222 "Queen Mary"
at Llandudno Junction in July 1963.
(Note the Gresley coach behind the engine)


September 29th 2008.

John Powell has sent in the following two shots. The first photo is by Eric Treacy and shows
'Black Five'  No. 44766 at Bangor in August 1952.

This undated atmospheric shot shows double-headed 'Black Fives' leaving the Junction with a very heavy
summer holiday train which was a common sight during the heyday of steam. This shot is from
Mike Esau's book "Thanks for the memory".

John has obtained Mike Esau's kind permission to publish this photo on the website.

September 17th 2008.
LMS Class 7P 4-6-0 Royal Scot Class no. 46115 'Scots Guardsman' returns to the main line
with the oddly named tour 'The Lune Habitat'.......Carnforth - Chester- Carnforth
on September 6th 2008.
Seen here crossing the River Weaver at Frodsham with the return leg.

Another shot of the same train at Warrington Bank Quay with the morning Carnforth - Chester leg.



September 2nd 2008.
A rare shot, sent in by John Powell, of Holyhead depot (6J) in 1935.
 No.2 signal box can be seen in the background.


September 1st 2008.

A4 class No. 60009 'Union of South Africa' hauls the Liverpool - Holyhead
'North Wales Coast Express' approaching Llandudno Junction before failing with
brake problems on Sunday August 10th 2008.


July 27th 2008.

Alan Roberts has sent in the three diesel loco repair cards from 6G.


Enclosed are extracts of diesel loco repair cards at Llandudno Junction.
(1)   shows Class 24  24045 having gone on an A Exam at Llandudno Junction on the 12th June 1975 completed by Brian Roberts, Fitter.

(2)   Class 24 24046 an A Exam on the 4th June 1975. Signed by Donny Hill, Fitter.

(3)   Class 24. 24060 A Exam on the 15th March 1975. Signed by Dougie Triggs, Fitter.
Brian Roberts and Donny Hill were the last fitters from steam days to survive until the early 1990's at Llandudno Junction.


                      24045comp.jpg (25210 bytes)                                    24046comp.jpg (29296 bytes)                              24060comp.jpg (24909 bytes)
                                (1)                                                          (2)                                                     (3)




July 23rd 2008.

An email and photo are reproduced below sent in by Alan Roberts.

Please find enclosed photo taken earlier on today (Wed 23/7):-
 6K22 1143 Penmaenmawr to Basford Hall passing Prestatyn hauled by 66596. Wagons today were a mixture of MCA's and
MDA's with a total tonnage of 1,681 tonnes.
Alan Roberts


66596prestatyncompre.jpg (17511 bytes)





June 14th 2008.

The three photo's below show LMS Coronation Class 4-6-2 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland'
earlier today, with the advertised Lancaster - Holyhead "YNYS MON EXPRESS"
( but displaying a "WELSH DRAGON" headboard ??? )

PHOTO (1) ...  Approaching Tan Y Bryn footbridge, Mochdre with the Lancaster - Holyhead express.

PHOTO (2) ...  Passing through Conway Station approaching Cadnant Park bridge, Conway
                          with the same train to Holyhead.

Both photo's Geoff Poole.

                                               6233tanybryn140608comprsz.jpg (46179 bytes)                                           6233conway140608rz.jpg (48248 bytes)
                                                          (1)                                                                 (2)



An early evening shot of the same train on the return leg from Holyhead at Colwyn Bay.
PHOTO Geoff Poole

6233cbay140608rsz.jpg (39588 bytes)




June 14th 2008.

Another interesting shot by Alan Taylor showing 'Britannia' class 70042 'Lord Roberts' and
70003 'Byron' nose to nose at Llandudno Junction in June 1964. 

70042and03jct64comp.jpg (30580 bytes)




June 13th 2008.

An email and two more photographs are shown below from Alan Taylor from his footplate ride
 on 'Jubilee'  45653 "Barham"  with driver Les Nevitt and fireman Glyn Jones 
in June 1964.

Two more photos taken on the occasion of my footplate ride with Les Nevitt and Glyn Jones.
A view from the cab on Aber troughs (1) and after arrival at Bangor (2) with Les and Glyn leaning from the cab.
Does anyone recognize the locoman on the right?
All the best,
Alan Taylor.

                                                 45653abertroughs64comp.jpg (31626 bytes)                                          45653bangor64comp.jpg (45058 bytes) 
                                                            (1)                                                                (2)




June 12th 2008.

Jubilee class 45606 'Falkland Islands' heads a fitted freight out of Chester bound for Holyhead.
The undated photo was supplied by John Powell.

july20070019comp.jpg (25211 bytes)


June 8th 2008.

The three photo's below are taken from  S.D.Wainwright's book 'Rail to Wales' and show what probably was the last visit of a 'Jubilee' to the North Wales Coast
 main line working a British Railways passenger train.
 The photo's, sent in by John Powell , show 45647 'Sturdee' on August 27th 1966 when she worked the 09.05 Leeds City to Llandudno throughout.

Photo's (1) and (2) show her after arriving at the Junction on August 27th 1966. The crew had taken over at Stockport from Leeds men. 
(does anyone recognize the young spotter?)

Photo (3) shows her, after spending a weekend on 6G, making a vigorous start from the Junction with the 13.15 train from Llandudno to
Manchester Exchange on August 29th 1966.

                          sturdeeonecomp.jpg (17475 bytes)                          sturdeetwocomp.jpg (16546 bytes)                            sturdeethreecomp.jpg (17617 bytes)
                                      (1)                                               (2)                                                 (3)



June 8th 2008.

John Powell has sent in the two shots below taken from S.D.Wainwright's book 'Rail to Wales'

Photo (1) shows a Rhyl (6K) 2-6-2T hauling the 'Welsh Dragon' shuttle service between Rhyl & Llandudno
on the Llandudno Junction level crossing on August 6th 1962.

Photo (2) shows Stanier 8F No. 48151 (now preserved) working the Octel tank train from Amlwch, Anglesey through the Junction on August 27th 1966.

                                           84003jctcrossingcomp.jpg (23896 bytes)                                                      48151octelcomp.jpg (14324 bytes)
                                                      (1)                                                                            (2)



June 6th 2008.

Taken from the book "BR Standard Steam Locomotives" by Brian Stephenson an undated photo by 
Kenneth Field, showing an unidentified Standard class '4' 4-6-0 near Penmaenmawr, heading back to Rhyl,
with the Welsh Land Cruise circular tour train.


landcruisestandard.jpg (35086 bytes)



June 6th 2008.

Another photo by Kenneth Field from the book "BR Standard Steam Locomotives" 
by Brian Stephenson is shown below.

The final batch of 10 Britannia's were coupled with large type BR 1D tenders which carried
4,725 gallons of water and 9 tons of coal and gave the locos a much better appearance.
The first five of this series were allocated to Holyhead where the earlier engines were found to have
insufficient coal capacity on the run to Euston. Even so, No. 70045 'Lord Rowallan' does not appear
to have much coal left as it approaches the Junction with the down 'Irish Mail' overtaking a
down ECS train hauled by an unidentified Stanier Jubilee. 

70045mailjct.jpg (33158 bytes)



June 5th 2008.

Class 40, D259 at Llandudno with an excursion ready to return to Yorkshire in August 1972.
Photo sent in by John Powell.

july20070012comp.jpg (17169 bytes)



June 5th 2008.

John Powell has sent in this shot of a rare visitor to the North Wales Coast main line. 
B1 No. 61122 had worked to Llandudno with an excursion from West Yorkshire on
May 19th 1959, and is seen here on the level crossing at the Junction, running back 
light engine to 6G for servicing. 
The carriage shed can just be seen through the signal box window.

The photo is taken from S.D.Wainwright's book "Rail to North Wales"

611221959.jpg (53497 bytes)




June 4th 2008.

Alan Taylor has sent in the email below and a photo showing Britannia 70034 "Thomas Hardy" at the
 classic location approaching Conway station, but from a different viewpoint. Alan also gives detail
of the camera and film used. Great shot Alan.


Hi Geoff,
Glad you like the shot of 45300.
Attached is a photo, taken from the train, of 'Britannia' No. 70034 'Thomas Hardy' entering
Conway with a Manchester to Holyhead train in June 1964.
At that time I was using a Zeiss Ikon folding camera which was given to me by my grandfather.
It took 8 pictures on 120 size film, so it wasn't cheap to run. But, provided it was used properly,
it gave excellent results. Unfortunately, it didn't get used properly every time!
All the best,

70034conway0664comp75.jpg (36920 bytes)




June 3rd 2008.

Another great shot from Alan Taylor showing "Black five" 45300 coasting into Llandudno Junction 
with an evening train to Holyhead in June 1964.

45300jct1964comp.jpg (44142 bytes)


June 1st 2008.

John Powell has sent in the three photo's below.

2968junctioncomp.jpg (12701 bytes)
Stanier 2-6-0 2968 at Llandudno Junction in May 1938.

1903mochdrecomp.jpg (17677 bytes)
LNWR Compound "Iron Duke" at Mochdre in 1911.

42074llandudnocomp.jpg (23113 bytes)
2-6-4 T passing Llandudno No1 Box on June 3rd 1963 with a local to Crewe.



June 1st 2008.

Alan Taylor asked for some help in identifying a 6G driver named Les Nevitt and a fireman named
 Glyn Jones (NORTH WALES COAST STEAM page 08/05/2008) whom he had befriended whilst 
on holiday in June 1964.   John Kirwood (ex-6G) confirmed that the photograph was indeed 
Les Nevitt and Glyn Jones but unfortunately Les had passed away last year. 
Alan was saddened by this news but has sent in another photo of Les and Glynn 
which is shown below along with two more of Alan's shots of working steam.

(1) Les Nevitt and Glyn Jones at Holyhead in June 1964.
(2) 46228 "Duchess of Rutland" passing Prestatyn with a van train from Holyhead in June 1964.
(3)  Britannia 70003 "John Bunyan" at Llandudno Junction (circa 1964).

                    lesglynholyhead64cropcomp.jpg (31616 bytes)                                  46228prestatyn64comp.jpg (45686 bytes)                               70003jct64.jpg (76181 bytes)
                               (1)                                                        (2)                                                     (3)