John Powell is a photographer and rail enthusiast, who over the years
has acquired a large collection of his own photographs
along with many others taken by various photographers.

you can see a large selection of John's work on several pages
on the 6G site relating to the building of the A55 Expressway.

This page is dedicated to John's steam shots from his personal collection.

John can be contacted through the email link on the "HOMEPAGE".

Llandudno Station.8th August 1962. Excursion trains ready to return.
 45225 for Uttoxeter,  alongside Jubilee 45663 "Jervis", with 41278 far right, ( Station pilot ? )

This shot of Llandudno station takes me back to the "glorious days" and I think it ranks 
along side some of the classic shots we have seen from Norman Kneale
and Harry Rodgers - Jones.  Great shot , John.......    (Geoff)

Pen  Y  Groes station. 14th August 1962.Engine No 42446 arrives with the Porthmadog
portion of " The Welshman " from Euston.

 An excursion train returning from Llanberis passes Cwm  Y  Glo station on 15th
August 1962,  hauled by 2 - 6 - 4T No 42198.

Holyhead bound " Irish Mail " passes Conway Castle hauled by " Royal Scot " class
No 46150 "The Life Guardsman"  Circa  1952 / 53.

The London bound " Irish Mail " passes Llandudno Junction hauled by " Royal Scot "
class No 46129 "The Scottish Horse"      Circa 1952 / 53.


An unusual combination on an excursion to Llandudno passes through 
Colwyn Bay. Circa Mid 1950s.  The Class 5 is No 44898. 
( From Trains Illustrated Magazine )



Engine No 78058 about to depart from Bethesda for Bangor.  August 13th 1962.



Jubilee` Class loco No 45602 "British Honduras" with an up train approaching 
Shotton Station.  4th August 1962.

A train for Holyhead leaving the Conway tubular bridge, viewed from the
 Prison Tower of the Castle. 11th August 1962.   
Unidentified Standard Class 5MT.

An unknown photographer took this shot of Deganwy Station. 
showing a Blaenau Ffestiniog to
Llandudno train headed by 2-6-2T, no 40084.  Circa 1954.


I seem to remember someone asking ,through email to the site, if Rhyl had a depot. 
Well I took this one on 15 / 1 / 1956,so I thought I would send it along. 
Motive power on shed was L to R, 42540,42595,41276,78039,52162, and 75034.


This B & W one is for you , Geoff ,  as I know you like the Patriot Class. 
It is not a very clear one, as it was really batting along, and 1/25th of a second
 does not stop fast trains. It is 45503 "The Royal Leicestershire Regiment"
 near Prestatyn on 28 / 1 / 1956. 



A4 60009 "Union of South Africa" then named "Osprey " arriving at Bangor.  15 / 8 / 1990.
 ( I don't know who the bod with the camcorder is, but he was determined 
to appear in my photo, still never mind eh )

A4 "Union of South Africa" 60009 in close up at Bangor, 15 / 8 / 90.

34027 " Taw Valley " arrives at Bangor station, circa Spring 1991.
 On the left unit 155319 is about to leave with
the Sunday service to Cardiff.


     34027 " Taw Valley " departs Bangor station for Holyhead. 
The unit on the left contained a number of
 British Transport Police.  ( No idea why )



The next two shots were taken from a copy of the Meccano magazine in the early 50s.
 This is Llandudno Junction stored line in 1934.



45382 with a train from Holyhead arrives at Gaerwen on 27th August 1959



Engine No 45525,  Rebuilt Patriot " Colwyn Bay ", with " The Welshman " from Euston arriving at Chester on August 4th, 1962.



Jubilee " class No 45553 "Canada" with a train for Holyhead at Llanfair P.G. 6 / 8 / 1962.


Bangor Station. 11th August 1962. 46241 " City of Edinburgh " with a train from Crewe to Holyhead.     ( Was 1D16 the Emerald Isle ? )


Deganwy Station. 8th August 1962. Stanier class 5 with a train from Liverpool to Llandudno.  Engine No 45408.


Llandudno Junction 9th August 1962. Engine 41276 on the " Welsh Dragon " service which shuttled between Llandudno and Rhyl.  


Engine No 46240 " City of Coventry " arriving at Prestatyn Station with 
" The Emerald Isle Express " for Euston.  4th August 1962.        ( 1A 16 )


This is Gaerwen Station on August 6th 1962, with engine No 41234
 running around its train
from Amlwch.        ( Notice the old cars )



Amlwch Station, 6th August 1962. Engine no 41234 with a train for Gaerwen.



Caernarfon Station, 10th August 1962. Engine No 42487 arrives with a train for Afonwen



Llandudno to Crewe train leaves Prestatyn behind "Jubilee Class"
45671 "Prince Rupert" (circa: 1962)
(I. Vaughan)

An up express leaves Prestatyn behind 73136
(neck and neck with an unidentified "Black 5" [hidden by tender]  (circa 1957/58)
(I. Vaughan)

Holyhead to Euston express leaves Prestatyn hauled by "Princess Class"
46200 "Princess Royal" (circa 1961)

"Coronation Class" 4-6-2 "City Of Carlisle" 46238 leaves Prestatyn
with a train for Crewe. (circa 1962/63)
(I. Vaughan)

Neck and neck: Parcels versus passenger.
two unidentified Stanier "Black 5s" leave Prestatyn Station (circa 1961/62)
I. Vaughan)

A Chester bound train passes Prestatyn hauled by
BR Standard class 4MT, 75054 (circa 1959/60)
(I. Vaughan)

The next three shots are from quite worn photo's taken by the father of one of John's
school friends who was a railway ganger  who liked to take photographs
 as  he worked. All the shots were taken on July 23rd 1948, on the main line.

Euston - Holyhead express nears Prestatyn pulled by rebuilt " Patriot " 5532 "Illustrious.

8F number 8717 nears Prestatyn with a short goods train.

"Black 5" 45231, now preserved, leaves Prestatyn with a train from Manchester.

The next four shots were taken by D.Ibbotson
(copyright, Gregory)
From the John Powell Collection.

"Ivatt Class" 2-6-2 T, No. 41200 at Llanfair.P.G on Amlwch duties July 1951.

"Patriot Class" 45506 "Royal Pioneer Corps" in Bangor shed yard 1953.

Local train enters Bangor behind "Black 5" 5140 (circa 1937/38)

A down Holyhead express leaves Penmaen Rhos Tunnel hauled by
"Royal Scot Class" 6162 "Queens Westminster Rifleman" (circa 1930)

The next seven shots were taken by John Powell.

Deganwy No.2 signal box (undated)

An empty stone train for Penmaenmawr leaves Prestatyn on April 15th 1956
pulled by "Black 5" 45133.

"Patriot Class" 45503 "The Royal Leicestershire Regiment" near Prestatyn
on a local train to Rhyl (circa 1955)

Euston to Holyhead express enters Prestatyn Station in March 1956
hauled by "Jubilee" 45556 "Nova Scotia"
Station sign reads "For Prestatyn Holiday Camp"

Stanier "Class 5" 45440 near Prestatyn (circa 1962/63)

Chester on February 12th 1956 as "Royal Scot Class" 46110
"Grenadier Guardsman" waits for a path at the superb Gantry.

It's April 1956 and "Standard Class" 73070 leaves Rhyl passing
"4F" class 0-6-0,  44367 on shed at (6K).

The next 25 photo's are from the "The John Powell Collection"
(Copyright : Gregory, 103 Castlecroft Rd,Wolverhampton,WV3 8BY)

Summer 1962 and B1 61093 leaves Rhyl on 1E 21 Llandudno-Sheffield.

52162 on shunting duties at Rhyl on May 7th 1955.
PHOTO : F.W.Shuttleworth.

52167 and 52453 have a day off at Rhyl shed on May7th 1955.
PHOTO : F.W.Shuttleworth.

75035 and 75034 rest between duties on Rhyl shed (circa 1957/58)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan

75031 leaves Rhyl with a local Chester - Llandudno while 52167
 is on shunting duties. (circa 1955/56)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan

43981 on Rhyl shed (circa 1960/61)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan.

Unidentified "Compound" leaves Rhyl (circa 1950/51)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan

Belpaire "Prince of Wales " class 4-4-0 leaves Rhyl for Holyhead (circa 1930)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan

A view of Chester Shed (6A) shortly before closure (circa 1960/61)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan

The up Irish Mail leaves Chester behind "Scot" 46159
"The Royal Air Force" (circa 1953/54)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan

An express for North Wales leaves Chester No.2 tunnel hauled by
Belpaire " Prince of Wales" class 4-4-0 (circa 1930's)
PHOTO : D. Ibbotson.

Rebuilt "Patriot" class 4-6-0 45521 "Rhyl" awaits it's next duty
at Chester (circa 1958/59)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan

Ivatt 2-6-2 T No. 41276 passes Prestatyn returning light engine to Rhyl
after push and pull duties between Holywell Junction and Holywell Town.
This engine came new to Rhyl yard in October 1950 and remained at Rhyl
 until closure in 1963 when it was transferred to the Southern Region
until withdrawal (circa 1956/57)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan.

Stanier 2-6-0 No. 42982 leaves Prestatyn with a Saturday Special in August 1959.
PHOTO : I.Vaughan.

Unidentified Stanier 2-6-0 leaves Prestatyn with a "Saturday Extra IZ13"
possibly for the Midlands. (circa 1959)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan.

Local from Rhyl to Chester leaves Prestatyn behind (Ex SCR) 42213. (circa 1960/61)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan.

Unidentified BR Standard and Stanier Class 5 are neck and neck
as they leave Prestatyn with Saturday Specials. (circa 1960)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan.

After working Saturday Extras , possibly to Llandudno, BR Standard Class 5
and Stanier Class 5 return through Prestatyn to Chester (circa 1962)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan.


A rare visit by Polmadie "Coronation" class 46230 "Duchess of Buccleuch"
on an "up" parcels (circa 1962/63)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan.

Saturday "extra" trains cross at Nant Hall near Prestatyn.
"Stanier Black 5" 44807 (circa 1963)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan

BR Standard class 5 leaves Prestatyn (circa 1958/59)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan.

The North Wales land cruise train passes Abergele on its way back
to Pwllheli / Barmouth via Caernarfon after a two hour visit to Rhyl
on July 7th 1954, hauled by Collett 0-6-0 No. 3202 (89c).
These trains from the Cambrian Coast worked to Rhyl via Corwen and
Denbigh and returned Westwards.
Haulage was mainly by these 0-6-0's but on one occasion
a "Dukedog" appeared.
PHOTO : I. Vaughan.

A Euston to Holyhead train leaves Rhyl hauled by
"Jubilee" class 45660 "Rooke" in the summer of 1962.
PHOTO : I. Vaughan.

Local train from Rhyl to Chester leaves Prestatyn hauled by Standard 2-6-0
No. 78031 (6K)  (circa 1960)
PHOTO : I. Vaughan