A selection of old black and white photographs
from the lens of Gordon Coltas

The photographs for this page were supplied by John Powell.
John purchased several of them in 1976/77 and found some more in a book
 of Gordon Coltas's work.

John has acquired permission from the publishers at LOCOFOTO'S
to publish Gordon's work on the website.

John was informed by LOCOFOTO'S that Gordon Coltas
passed away in June 2006.

Once again we are indebted to a deceased photographer for his dedication and
obvious love of steam in our area, which will give so much pleasure
to so many enthusiasts of the railway long gone.


Front cover of the book of postcards.


This is the frontispiece of the book.



coltas001fin.jpg (15399 bytes)
The push-pull service pulls into Llandudno Junction in August 1961.




                                                   coltas002fin.jpg (17162 bytes)   BR Standard No. 73021 with a "down" express
                  emerging from Penmaenrhos tunnel en route to Llandudno. (circa 1953)



coltas003fin.jpg (14514 bytes)
Now preserved Royal Scot Class No. 46115 "Scots Guardsman" with an "up"
excursion, passing Colwyn Bay in the late 50s.



                                                   coltas004fin.jpg (12498 bytes)  Britannia Class 70045 "Lord Rowallan" with the
              "Irish Mail" passing through Colwyn Bay station (circa 1955)


coltas006fin.jpg (12548 bytes)
There were as many as ten excursions every summer Saturday during the 1950s. "Black Five" 44833
near Abergele with one such excursion.



                                              coltas007fin.jpg (15740 bytes)  Drifting into Conway in the summer of 1964 is 2-6-0 46470
                     passing the latest in caravans at Morfa Caravan Park.           




coltas008fin.jpg (15268 bytes)

The "Welsh Dragon was a small push & pull train running between Rhyl and Llandudno.
Seen here approaching Old Colwyn station on July 20th 1951.



coltas009fin.jpg (15661 bytes)
Llandulas (circa 1950) and LMS compound 41103 with an "up" express from Holyhead.



                                             coltas010fin.jpg (16254 bytes)  A local passenger train for Llandudno Junction passes
                        Penmaenmawr in June 1964, with 2-6-4T in charge.



 coltas011fin.jpg (13539 bytes)
A "Butlins Excursion" is pictured between Rhyl and Prestatyn in 1950, with "Black Five" 44762 in charge.


coltas012fin.jpg (13009 bytes)
About to pop into the Conway Tunnel in June 1963 is "Black Five" 45034
with a down express for Bangor.




coltas013fin.jpg (19649 bytes)
BR Standard 4-6-0 75013 heads for Holyhead with a "down" express through Colwyn Bay in 1957.



coltas014fin.jpg (18701 bytes)
A "down" express passes Colwyn Bay hauled by "Royal Scot" class 46125 "3rd Carabinier" (circa 1960)



                                                coltas015fin.jpg (15138 bytes)   "Black Five" 44821 is pictured on freight at Conway (circa 1963)
                          A great nostalgic shot for the cars as well as the locomotive.



                   coltas016fin.jpg (15779 bytes)   An express to Llandudno coasts into Llandudno Junction with BR Standard 73134
         in charge during August of 1961.



                                                 coltas017fin.jpg (15185 bytes)  An "up" express arrives at Bangor station in 1962, with
                                    "Black Five" 44760 in charge.



                    coltas018fin.jpg (14566 bytes)   "Black Five" 44864, with an eleven coach express to Bangor floats effortlessly
        through Colwyn Bay in the early 60s.



coltas019fin.jpg (11549 bytes)
The end of steam is near and "Coronation" class "City of Coventry" 46240 (without nameplates)
is demoted to a London bound parcels train, passing Penmaenmawr in June 1964.



coltas020fin.jpg (17617 bytes) 
The London bound "Irish Mail" has just passed Old Colwyn station with
"Royal Scot" class 46112 "Sherwood Forester" in charge. (circa mid 1950s)



coltas021fin.jpg (18540 bytes)
Not emerging , but entering Penmaenrhos Tunnel is 2-6-2T 41230 pushing the
"Welsh Dragon" back to Rhyl. (circa 1950)




                        coltas023fin.jpg (33187 bytes)  "Black Five" 45311 emerges from the Conway Tubular Bridge in 1958
             with a stopping train for Bangor.



                                                   coltas024fin.jpg (22749 bytes)  An unidentified  un-rebuilt "Royal Scot" class enters
                    Llanfair P.G. (circa 1930s)



coltas025fin.jpg (14947 bytes)
"Black Five" 45089, with an excursion for Llandudno, enters Llandudno Junction August 8th 1961.



coltas026fin.jpg (17155 bytes)
A Llandudno to Chester train crosses Colwyn Bay viaduct hauled by " Compound" class 41119 (circa 1948)


                                                 coltas027fin.jpg (11481 bytes)  Rhyl station. The "Welsh Dragon" auto train is ready to leave for
                            Llandudno with 2-6-2T 41320 in charge.


                      coltas028fin.jpg (14307 bytes)  Rhyl station. The push end of the "Welsh Dragon" ( circa 1952 )



                                                 coltas029fin.jpg (13241 bytes)  The London bound "Irish Mail" has just crossed over from
            Anglesey with "Royal Scot" class 46106 "Gordon Highlander" in charge.  August 1954.



coltas030fin.jpg (12748 bytes)

The "Welshman" crosses the Britannia Bridge hauled by "Black Five" 44986 on August 12th 1960.
(note the self weighing tender)